Spreading the Word of Nutrition

Roasted Veggies Please

Every time my sister comes to visit she inspires me to cook! Sometimes it’s something I already know how to cook, but she reminds me how delicious and easy it can be. In this case it’s roasted veggies, specifically cauliflower and broccoli. Stinks so good as I like to say!

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What’s on Your Plate?

Think variety! Think color! Think rainbow! Dazzle your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables and give yourself a boost! Each color offers a different benefit for your body, so eating a good variety is important for everyone, especially young, growing bodies.

Did you know that red fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants … read more

Garden Success with Kids

Think easy! Think quick! Think fresh!

Let’s talk about thinking easy. You don’t need a fancy raised garden bed, you have the earth below your feet to thank. Find an area that you feel is right and call that the start of your little garden.

Let’s talk about thinking quick. Kids have … read more

Unique Fruits & Veggies So Nutritiously Delicious You Might Be Suspicious

Meet the endearing characters of Suitable Fruitables™, a book series for children that spreads the word of nutrition! Each book features a unique fruit or vegetable that is personified with a delightful demeanor and takes kids on exciting adventures. The mystery behind these unconventional fruits and vegetables will keep kids … read more

March is National Nutrition Month

With March being National Nutrition Month, it’s the perfect time to rethink your grocery list and make an effort to get the five food groups on your plate throughout the day. Suitable Fruitables™ supports ChooseMyPlate.gov healthy eating initiatives and is on a mission to spread the word of … read more